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Why we need to work out our skin?

Thursday 4 February 2016    

Exercise isn’t just great for our minds and bodies it’s also great for our skin. Sadly there’s also a ‘flip side’ to exercise, in terms of its impact on your skin. That’s why it’s important to know how to get the best from an exercise programme and skin routine, to ensure happy, healthy skin.

There are of course, positive effects that exercise has on the skin such as:

·         Increased blood levels of blood flow, oxygen and nutrients that help the skin to repair environmental damage that causes premature aging, skin irritation and sensitivity.

·         Improved collagen production, therefore improved skin texture and fewer wrinkles.

·         Improved immune system to fight infection such as skin breakouts.

·         Reduced stress that triggers a cascade of problems including premature aging, skin irritation and sensitivity.

·         Increased antioxidant activity which helps prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

·         Can reduce the risk of developing psoarsis by 25-30%.


Believe it or not there is a downside impact that exercise may have on the skin such as:

·         Increased dehydration and the appearance of fine lines and dull, dry skin. In part this is due to our sweat naturally evaporating from the skin surface the evaporating from the skins surface, the evaporation of water causes surface dehydration.

·         Increased sensitivity with redness and irritation.

·         Increased breakouts and congestion.


The skin is an organ of elimination and waste (ammonia, urea, sugar and salts) is flushed out from the body via sweat. Its therefore important to keep skin clean post exercise to prevent skin irritation.

There are some easy but extremely effective steps you can take to care for your skin pre, during and post exercise.

Pre workout:

·         Start with clean skin to avoid breakouts and congestion. A quick and easy way to clean the skin in the gym is to use  Dermalogica precleanse wipes

·         Before and after your workout, Spritz your skin with a hydrating toner ( We love Dermalogica multi active toner)

·         Apply a sunscreen with a minimum spf of 20 at least 20 mins before sun exposure (Dermalogica  oil free matte spf 30 is light and non-greasy)

During a workout:

·         Keep skin clear of heavy makeup like foundation, blushers etc. If you want a some coverage a light weight free tinted moisturiser( we love Youngblood mineral radiance tint)

·         Keep long hair tied back and off the face.

·         Keep styling products away from the hair line, they can cause breakouts.

·         If swimming in chlorinated water wear a protective silicone based moisturiser ( We love Dermalogica barrier repair)


Post workout:

·         Apply a hydrating booster after skin is thoroughly cleansed, to replenish lost moisture.

·         If the skin is prone to redness after a workout, apply a calming serum ( we love dermalogica ultracalming serum concentrate) to reduce the redness.

·         Finish with a lightweight skin hydrating moisturiser (we love Dermalogica active moist) nothing too heavy whilst the skin is hot.

·         Exfoliate and follow with a clearing or hydrating mask ( we love Dermalogica skin hydrating masque)

At Roberta beauty redefined we offer free Dermalogica  face mapping and skin bar to find your best skin care routine for your best skin ever. A monthly dermalogica facial also helps to treat and maintain your skin.