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Why choose a dermalogica circle salon?

Tuesday 14 April 2015    

Why choose a Dermalogica circle awarded and expert salon ?

For a select few salons the Dermalogica circle is awarded to them to recognise their commitment to their business clients and Dermalogica.

By fully embracing dermalogca’s brand and their concept’s (face mapping ,skin bar and microzone) we have achieved this prestigious circle salon status.

By choosing a Dermalogica circle salon with Dermalogica expert trained therapists you can ensure the highest training, knowledge and commitment to getting amazing results on your skin. To attain expert level with Dermalogica you have to put in at least 175 hours of post-graduation training. Ensuring that those skin care therapists are right up to date with all the latest skin education

Dermalogica is the number one professional skin care brand to its important that they maintain the exemplary standard of education. So in 2012 they launched the expert programme, the final level of a three tiered training programme that provides skin care professional with further development of education and commitment to training.

So when choosing your salon, why wouldn’t you choose the best?