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Top care tips for Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.

Wednesday 20 July 2016    

Top care tips for Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.

Hair removal is not something new for women or men, and regardless of whether it’s a bikini wax or a full Hollywood, both have long history. Research has shown evidence of hair removal all the way back to 300bc in ancient India, while western women made it more common in 1945 when bathing suits became abbreviated.  

Top tips for a perfect Brazilian:

  1. Pre your waxing appointment ensure the skin is regularly exfoliated and moisturised to help prevent ingrowing hairs.
  2. During your wax your therapist will ask what wax you prefer. Lycon hot wax is the gentlest wax for intimate waxing as the wax shrinks wraps round the hair and does not take of layer of dead skin cells like strip wax does.
  3. Your therapist will ask you to hold the skin taut in various places this is to ensure easy removal and is also less painful.
  4. Your therapist will apply a soothing calming after wax product, do not put any other creams on the skin as these can cause irritation as they may contain perfumes or alcohol.
  5. No heat treatments for 24 hours after the treatment, Sunbed/sun exposure, sauna and steam rooms.
  6. Avoid swimming for the next 24 hours.