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TLC for sensitive eyes

Friday 22 April 2016    

The delicate eye area is taking quite a hammering at the moment not only from environmental challenges, which play havoc on our eyes. A common cause of redness and itchiness around the eyes is hay fever (allergic rhinitis), occurring mostly in spring and summer. Or it may be atopic dermatitis caused by the inhalation of allergens, such as pollen, dust or animal fur, which trigger inflammation.

Here are some easy things that can be done to care for red, itchy eyes.

1.       Ensure makeup is thoroughly removed using a gentle and s.d alcohol free eye makeup remover (Roberta beauty redefined uses dermalogica soothing eye makeup remover) It will need to be water soluble to ensure that all traces of the product and makeup is leaving no residue 9 perfect for the contact lens wearer). Choose one with the added benefit of lash conditioners that prevent lashes from becoming dry and brittle, as well as keeping the skin around the area soft, hydrated and smooth.

2.       To help alleviate dry eyes, place of few drops of artificial tear drop solution; or for reed eyes try some vasoconstrictive eye drops.

3.       When the eyes fee, red, puffy and irritated, place a cold compress or cooling eye packs over them for 5 minutes. A cooling, hydrating eye masque( kept cool in the fridge) can also be used around the eye area, underneath the compress.

4.       To alleviate the dry, itchy skin, apply a reparative and intensely nourishing eye cream (fragrance free ( we love dermalogica intensive eye repair) each evening.

5.       If the eye areas is very dry and in need of a super protector apply a anhydrous moisturizer that melts into the ski, repairs the natural barrier lipid layer and reduces irritation and dryness.

6.       Wear hypo allergenic makeup that has been screened of all irritants. ( youngblood mineral makeup is perfect for people who suffer with dry sensitive eyes).

7.       Lastly the ultimate skin sin, never go to bed with your makeup on.

At Roberta beauty redefined we provide lots of eye treatments to enhance and soothe your eyes, LVL lash lift , Eyelash/ eyebrow tint and dermalogica revitalising eye treatment.