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Sports massage therapy now available at Roberta be

Wednesday 25 April 2018    

Sports massage therapy now available at Roberta beauty redefined.

I’m Sarah Nield , I’m a sports massage  and soft tissue therapist- which means I can address your aches pains and injuries(not necessarily sports related) through a variety of techniques designed to soften, loosen and starch off sore muscles. I work with people who have chronic pain(in their shoulders or back) or who’ve pulled something playing football, tennis or other sports. I’m thrilled to be working at Roberta beauty redefined and her lovely team in Knutsford looking forward to growing my client base there and helping their clients.

I use hands on techniques to get in touch with your muscles to feel what’s going on and encourage them to let go and loosen, improving overall function and reducing pain. I also use a selection of pressure and stretch techniques to actively lengthen dysfunctional muscle thus relieving the pain associated with pressure tendons (tennis elbow, shoulder pain).


If you’ve got a niggling ache or long term restriction, (i.e lifting your arms up high or turning your head) then book in for an appointment and have an assessment and appropriate treatment.

Sports massage, focused or full body is available for those in regular activity looking to prepare for or recover from an event or competition.