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Skin tight

Friday 16 January 2015    

Skin firming solutions for maintaining elasticity.

Fine lines and wrinkles are typically the first thing one thinks about when it comes to aging, but the loss of skin’s elasticity is another important concern. As we age, the fibroblast cells responsible for producing the collagen and elastin structural proteins start to slow down, so production decreases about 1 percent per year after the age of 30, with regard to the importance of these proteins for providing “snap” to the skin. While already sagging skin can’t be reversed without going under the scapel cosmeceutical products can help strengthen skin on a cellular level.

Dermalogicas age smart system addresses the biochemical causes of aging with such products as MAP-15 regenerator, a powder to emulsion treatment that delivers the highest concentration of magnesium ascorbyl  phosphate (MAP) to the skin for improving firmness and clarity.