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Say hello to a flawless fake tan in 3 easy steps.

Tuesday 11 October 2016    

Step 1

You must ensure your skin is in perfect condition for a flawless tan finish, exfoliate well we recommend vita liberata super fine skin polish. This ultimate tanning preparation contains fine jojaba beads which gently exfoliate dry and dead skin cells, while the lotion hydrates.  Remember never moisturise after this as this will create a barrier to your fake tan.

Step 2

Your super smooth skin is now in perfect condition to apply your tan, we recommend for a perfect tan organic vita liberata mousse in fair, medium or dark. The colour you choose would depend on your skin tone or the depth of colour you would prefer. Use the vita liberata tanning mitt (means no brown palms of your hands!)And apply in circular motions for the ultimate fast drying, streak free tan.

Step 3

Once you have rinsed your tan off the next day , to ensure you get the most out of your tan we recommend vita liberata moisture boost body treatment which will nourish your skin and have a subtle shimmer to accentuate your tan.

These 3 easy steps will ensure you golden tan will look flawless every time.

If you still find Fake tanning difficult. Have a professional spray tan with an expert at Roberta Beauty Redefined. Vita liberata comes in various shades depending on your depth of colour.