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Say bye bye to Bacne

Wednesday 8 July 2015    

Say bye bye to Bacne

Summer is well and truly here, so are summer dresses, backless tops and bikinis! But for some the very notion might make them anxious if they suffer from back or chest acne.’ Bacne’ as its now referred to, is more common than you think when you consider that nearly 85% of all people have acne at some point in their lives, most often on the face, chest, and back. Teen boys and men sometimes get the full brunt of the issue due to testosterone levels triggering increased sebum production, which leads to blockages and more breakouts. Only to be then further exacerbated by sweaty, occlusive gym clothes. But you can’t ignore the ladies; many acne prone active females have their fair share of bacne issues.

Here are 3 simple rules to help banish bacne.

  1. No blocking we have the most amount of sebaceous glands in the face, neck, shoulders, back and upper arms, so if these follicles are blocked due to oil, dead skin cells, waxy hair or occlusive body products, even SPF, breakouts sometimes even cystic type acne will result. Bear in mind that people are also less selective about what products they use on their body versus their face. Screen your shower and body products. For comedonic  culprits like artificial fragrance, colour, pure lanolin’s, petroleum and derivatives Ditch the shower gel and replace with a soap and fragrance free anti-bacterial cleanser. Such as  Dermalogica clearing skin wash.

  2. No stripping stay clear of mentholated and alcohol astringents, the cooling sensation on the skin does not mean the skin is clean, in most cases, these astringents have an SD alcohol base that strips skin of lipids and causes the skin to actually produce more oil to only worsen the condition. Abrasive scrubs are also a no no as they open up lesions and spread bacteria.

    Introduce oil and bacteria controlling toner. Look for alcohol- free that allow for spritzing on the back or portable purifying skin wipes such as  Dermalogica purifying skin wipes  with ingredients like balm mint, salicylic acid and witch hazel. Treat breakouts with topical treatments that reduce sebum production, dissolve skin cells and zap bacteria, such has Dermalogica breakout control.

  3. Keep it clean ensure you are washing your clothes frequently. Sweat and dead skin cells are all bacteria heaven. Change pillow cases every other day and sheets twice a week. They should also wear cotton clothing and avoid synthetic clothes.


We offer professional Dermalogica treatments where we cleanse exfoliate and use electrical modalities to clear and prevent further breakouts. Book in for your free Dermalogica body mapping and we can advise the best prtoducts and treatments at our salon in Knutsford.