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New dermalogica overnight retinol repair

Thursday 27 August 2015    

New   Dermalogica overnight   retinol   repair

Exciting new dermalogica product coming in October

The ultimate treatment for ageing skin

A customisable retinol treatment to reverse the signs of skin ageing – (includes a buffer cream to build the skin’s tolerance)  Benefits as follows:

  • Reduces wrinkle depth and firms skin

  • Hydrates the skin – softening fine lines

  • Increases collagen production

  • Improves pigmentation


The amazing ingridents:


Encapsulated  Retinol at 0.5%

  • Encapsulation ensures retinol reaches target area at full potency and locks in moisture

  • Reverses natural and photo-ageing

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Increase hydration

  • Thickens dermis and epidermis,

  • Stimulates collgaen production

  • Increases cell renewal


Bio energised Copper amino acid

  • Supports all that Retinol does

  • Increases collagen by 179% & wrinkle depth by 15%


Palmitoyl tripeptide 5

  • Supports collagen production


TAUT peptide

  • reinforces collagen production and hydrates creating a

              stronger structure


Vit C

  • stimulates collagen production


How to use:

  • Hydrate skin prior to use & use a SPF of 30 + in the day, some checmical sunsceens may irritate some clients

  • Avoid eye area

  • Night time use only

  • No further exfoliation whilst using it

  • Biosurface peel/ Deep exfolaition  - discontinue use 4 days prior to and don’t continue until 2 weeks after BSP treatment, regular skin treatment leave 4 days


Week 1-2             1 part Overnight retinol repair 3 parts Buffer cream

Week 3-4             2 parts Overnight retinol repair 2 parts Buffer cream

Week 5-6             3 parts Overnight retinol repair 1 parts Buffer cream

Week 7-8             Overnight retinol repair only


If you experience   sensitivity  use every other night, not all cskins will be able to remove the buffer cream.  If your skin is dry their prescribed moisturiser can be used on top of it

Want to try this incredible new product put yourself down on the pre order list and speak to your Dermalogica skin expert at Roberta beauty redefined Knutsford.