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Male grooming and male treatments

Friday 11 July 2014    

We understand that mens skin is different because of severe mechanical exfoliation,shaving.
Shaving is a hazard it can cause irritation, sensitivity, redness, razor burn and ingrowing hairs which are often down to ingredients that over dry or strip the skin of moisture or clog follicles with heavy product..
Dermalogica shave has been designed as the first double action system for comfort and a super close shave.
Cleansing and exfoliating the skin is key to preparing the beard.. Cleansing removes oil and dirt without stripping the skin. Dermalogica daily clean scrub is a dual action scrub that lifts dead skin cells and helps lift the beard for a closer shave.
When it comes to your shaving choose the right medium for your skin type. Lots of products are alkali whilst our skin is naturally acidic causing sensitivity before you have started shaving.
Dermalogica have 3 products soothing shave cream for a more sensitive skin, invigorating shave gel for an oiler skin and close shave oil for the closest shave ever.
You also need to consider changing your razor blade regularly as this causes unnecessary friction.
After shaving calming and soothing is in order.Dermalogica post shave balm reduces redness and is super cooling and moisturising.
To finish dermalogica daily defence block SPF 15 to moisturise and protect from the sun.
These products at home lead to much healthy skin, bit can also be combined with male treatments at the salon in Knutsford Cheshire.