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A beginner’s guide to Semi permanent makeup

Tuesday 4 August 2015    

Permanent makeup has become incredibly popular over the last few years, it is low maintenance and gives you long lasting results so you can just get up and go! Who doesn't want to have just that extra bit of time in bed!
Throw out the eyebrow pencils which can often give a fake and heavy looking brow and opt for beautifully natural bespoke Hair stroke brows.
Clients choose to come to me for a whole variety of reasons such as:
* Sparse Brows
* Overlocked Brows
* Loss of vision making it hard to see how to apply makeup
* Alopecia
* Loss of hair through illness

It isn't just your eyebrows you can have enhanced either! You ca also give your lips a boost of colour having 24/7 colour and definition whilst creating symmetrical looking lips. Having this treatment also gives the illusion of fuller looking lips without the need for fillers and it does t end there you can also have your favourite style of eyeliner to add definition to the eye area. And no need to worry about the pain. The majority of my clients think threading or waxing causes them more pain.
All colours for each treatment are specifically chosen and mixed for you giving you a bespoke treatment for each client. The results are natural and leave you looking polished without having had to lift a finger

We use nouveau contour a world renowned brand
Sound like it’s something for you?
Then feel free to get in touch to book a free consultation at Roberta beauty redefined in Knutsford, Cheshire today or visit Facebook - HQ Brows Or Instagram @HQbrows to browse through a collection of work from my portfolio