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8 top tips for waxing

Saturday 26 July 2014    

When having waxing done hair needs to be at least 1/2 an inch long to get a good result.
On the day of your wax avoid heat treatments and sun beds.
Loose clothing is best worn when waxing to avoid discomfort.
For ladies only, waxing around the time of the month can be extra sensitive I always recommend to avoid that week.
Your therapist will put on after wax to cool and soothe the area, do not put any other lotions on for 24hrs after as these can irritate.
Avoid the us and heat treatments 24hrs after the treatment.
After 24hrs moisturising and exfoliating the area helps prevent in growing hairs.
Bikini waxing can be anything from a small tidy up to a Brazilian. Discuss with your therapist what you would like and what type of wax. Lycon hot wax is great for bikini waxing as it's less painful.